key personnel

Jim Cooper

Regional Manager
Jim Cooper joined Robinson Brothers Construction in 2006 as regional manager when the company was purchased by his former colleagues. He has grown with the company, managing its operations in Alaska and completing several large wind generation projects. Now he oversees major contracts up and down the West Coast. In addition to his technical expertise, Jim has a keen understanding of the needs of RBC’s customers and strong management skills, often supervising several crews and subcontractors at once.

Teresa Flores

Area Manager
Robinson Brothers Construction welcomed Teresa Flores to its team as a contract coordinator in 2014. She handles billing, job tracking, and crew management. Teresa enjoys interacting with the crews and learning the strengths and personalities of her coworkers. Drawn to the dynamics of the construction industry, she is always ready for new challenges.

Duane Schoeneck

Project Manager
Duane Schoeneck started at Robinson Brothers Construction in 2016, managing its crews and the financial responsibilities of its shop. He takes pride in his team’s work and seeing RBC’s finished projects. Duane’s telecommunications career started in 1999 and spans both telephone and cable; he also did restoration work after Hurricane Floyd hit North Carolina. Duane enjoys building in his spare time, too, as well as camping, hiking, fishing and hunting.

Joe Bergen

Safety Manager
In 2008, Joe Bergren brought his safety-first mentality to Robinson Brothers Construction, excited to join a team of professionals who shared experiences similar to his own. As the company’s employee safety certification instructor, he handles inspections and all aspects of safe work operations. Joe’s also been involved with many of RBC’s wind farm projects in the western United States, overseeing safety regulation compliance, accident investigations, and quality control.

Toland Severson

Contract Administrator
Toland Severson joined Robinson Brothers Construction’s project controls and scheduling group in 2013. His responsibilities include managing risk assessment and PM training. Toland’s education and his ability to master various project software are critical to our project scheduling and tracking processes. He’s found that RBC’s team mentality and dedication match its reputation, and he’s excited for the company’s future.

Mike Kendel

OSP Engineer & Permit Specialist

Dave Griffin

Directional Drilling Manager
Dave Griffin joined Robinson Brothers Construction in 2001. As RBC’s drilling manager, he organizes drills for each job to ensure teams have what they need to complete their work. Dave also individually trains the company’s new drillers, continuing its commitment to treating employees as people, not numbers. He enjoys the challenge and variety of working on new jobs with different customers.

Bill McCoy

Project Manager
William McCoy came to Robinson Brothers Construction in 1997 to oversee the company’s projects in southwest Washington. His family’s history in construction and a path for advancement led him to a career in the industry. He looks forward to the unique challenges of each build and opportunities to travel to different parts of the country for work.

David Klinkenberg

Project Manager

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