Executive Team and Key Personnel

executive team

Communications System Construction Services Offered:

  • Engineering, Design, & Permitting
  • Project Management & Inspection
  • Long-haul Fiber Deployments
  • Cell Site Fiber Backhaul
  • FTTP Deployments
  • Network Maintenance & Emergency Restoration
  • Aerial & Underground Construction
  • Cable Plowing & Trenching
  • Directional Boring
  • Cable Installation
  • Bridge Attachments
  • Splicing & Testing
  • Cable Locating

Mike Rakoz – President

In 2006, Mike Rakoz acquired Robinson Brothers Construction with his good friend Craig Sorenson. He is the president of RBC, overseeing its operational activities, project estimating, and business development. Mike is proud of his company’s strong culture, open communication, and competitive spirit in an intense industry. Constantly changing geographical variables and the role RBC plays in supporting the country’s infrastructure make his work fascinating and fulfilling.

Craig Sorenson – Executive Vice President

In May 2006, Craig and long-time friend Mike Rakoz acquired Robinson Brothers Construction, seizing an opportunity to work with family, friends, and former employees. Under Craig’s direction as executive vice president, RBC competes with dominant names in the communications construction industry while retaining its values as an independently owned business. He oversees corporate leadership, finance, risk management, fleet management, and many other roles within the business. Craig connects employees and customers across regions, uniting RBC’s teams under common goals and helping them complete projects accurately and efficiently.

Marty Miller – Chief Financial Officer

Marty Miller is a financial expert with extensive experience in the construction industry. In 2015, he joined Robinson Brothers Construction, using his expertise to develop RBC’s strategic financial plan and support its status as an industry leader in fiber optic. He’s proud of the part he’s played in the building of indispensable facilities and infrastructure across the region.

Chris Keksi – Vice-President of Operations

Chris Keksi became vice president of operations at Robinson Brothers Construction in 2006. His role includes coordinating outside operations and estimates for RBC’s sites in eastern Washington and Oregon, as well as the company’s wind farm operations throughout the United States. Working with RBC has enabled him to build friendships with good people alongside growing the company.

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Dan Cook

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